Kathy Braceland

Kathy Braceland


Kathy Braceland here. Welcome to my world of art!

A little about me...I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm pretty much a self taught artist that loves to draw, paint, write and make things. I've been doing all these things since I was little (a long time ago that was).

In my early 20's, I moved to Los Angeles to work in the music industry. After working several years in the corporate world, I eventually landed the job I wanted. I worked over 10 years with scads of fabulous musicians and had a wonderful time!

For the last 20 years, I have concentrated on creating and selling my art work. I have many different styles, simply because I have so many interests in different aspects of life...I dare to do it all. I do realism, surrealism, abstracts, mosaics, et al. I even have fun with cartooning! In fact. I was the cartoonist for several small newspapers in the US for about 5 years.

So that's what I do. I'm an artist. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it!




Portraits and People

Landscapes and Skylines

Geometric Abstracts

Music and Musicians