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Kathleen Artist PRO


Born in Paris, Kathleen grew up around artistic parents. Later, she pursues her passion by working as an indoor designer in Orlando, Florida and in Montréal, Canada where she is presently living.
At a very young age, Kathleen is inspired by famous painters, theather, photography, literature and even music that she listens to create her own paintings.
Kathleen has a natural and logical link for the society that encounters us but is soon passionate by the most famous personalities that marked our history throughout the years.
She invented the term ''Instinctive Realism History'' as a brand for her art. Kathleen defines this style as a brand new way to see the importance of contemporary art, a tradition appreciated in a new era, with a new interpretation that reflects the modern spirit of today's century.
Her own style emerges of dynamism, it allows her to capture the realism of a certain past while the observer is able to palpably feel the imbedded movement.
In her younger years, Kathleen had already an important concern of oil painting and had explored different process including pastel and chinese ink that she has soon developed the passion for.
She uses her own technic in the way she put together the texture and the texts but also the magnificent colors she uses including the empowerment of her time for her own art, that illustrates the way of thinking and the personalities of her idols.
​Recently, she turned herself towards celebrities portrayal. Not only this... Her love for animals pushes her towards vibrant and unique productions.
Mixed documentations that have a direct link with the life of those that she represents and immortalizes, the traits of her characters are recreated with a precision that we can see through a realist and close photography.
Theses technics reveal the characteristics of celebrities and animals figuring in each of the paintings.
She also names it a dialogue with celebrities chosen with the mixes of the documentation and the colors where the hazard has always the right to respond.
​​All of her artwork reflets her emotions that she likes to share with you which can be seen everywhere on internet.

​« I never know in advance how the final painting will look like, it would be monotonous for me to know it »​.

« I never search for perfection but I like to reach it the more possible to reach for the greatness and the beauty ».

My Professional Website: http://www.kathleenartistpro.com/home-1.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathleenartistpro/

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