katelynn herty

katelynn herty


My relationship with art if one could call it that has been on and off. Apparently when I was in elementary school a painting of mine was supposedly sold at some art gallery . The reason the word supposedly was used earlier is that i can not rember the details of the series of events that endes in one of my painting being sold at an art gallery. To be honest the question if one of my painting where indeed sold at some random gallery might not be answered due to the fact that most likely the painting was not signed by my younger self . That or the painting was submitted anonymously. What ever the case may be the fact is that at some point I supposedly had a painting of mine sold at some art gallery.

When I was younger a passion for and love of art was cut off in middle school. Though in seventh grade that art was offer to me again as an elective class.As time went by I drifted away form art for some time. Not until my senior year of high school do I really get back into the arts. During my free time on weekend I started to take some art class. Since a long time had passed since my elementary school years, and I had not taken an art class since 7th grade. It was decided by me that an art class is nessary for one to be reintroduced to the arts.

Though a small few individuals here and there might say that my painting skills seem to be getting worse rather then improving to some.Other will say to slow down and take more time to make my painting's.Everyone else says my work I make is quite beautiful. I like paint landscapes and still life because I find the fun and relaxing to do.


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