Karlijn Surminski

Karlijn Surminski


Karlijn visualises her world, her feelings and her surroundings in a colourful and figurative way. Her goal is to make paintings where you won ́t stop finding new images, compositions or meanings. She uses colours and different textures to distract you from the melancholy behind the story of the painting. Looking at them is like a gift unpacking, a game to play, where you decide what you want to see. Over and over again.

Barcelona series:
“Barcelona is a city that surprises and inspires me every day. I ́m proud and fascinated to live in a city with so many hidden gems. My paintings are about the constant discovery of Barcelona, district by district.”

Under water series:
"The colourful discoveries you can do under water in the Mediterranean Sea is overwhelming. You have a wonderful and fascinating view all around you. The deep blue, the turquoise, coralred, every colour and texture can be discovered. It seems peaceful but life under water can be cruel and there can be danger everywhere.”


Under water