Karine Andriasyan

Karine Andriasyan


Karine is an artist from Moscow, Russia. Her favorite media to work with are watercolor and acrylics.
Inspired by the light and shadows and the sunny colors, as well as architectural forms, she loves to express the harmony of nature and man-made objects as well as people in situ.
Her works are full of light and sunshine, sense of movement and tranquility.
Expressing Beauty of the Moment is the essence of her approach.
Karine is fascinated by lively city scenery as well as peaceful landscapes, flowers, and people. By playing with color shades, tonal values and textures, she creates atmospheric artworks that exude warmth and love for the everyday beauty that surrounds us if we pay attention.

Visit the artist's portfolio website: www.kariandr.com

Acrylic Paintings

Watercolor Works