Karina Zajac

Karina Zajac


My name is Karina Zajac and I am an emerging artist based in London with international connections.
I have graduated in philosophy and law from the University of Silesia, Poland before realizing a few years later that art needed to be the center of my life.
I started my journey with acrylics which I then used to create a villain character "Spideath" for a graphic novel I wrote, illustrated and distributed in Detroit, USA in 2018.
I describe myself as an acrylic portrait artist mainly; hence I am looking to surprise and delight within the full palette of emotions I show on the canvas. I paint whom I see in the manner of their feelings recolouring everything dark into vibrant colours. My chief goal is to set relations between all colours I use on canvas to create a correlation between them.
Here is my website: https://karinazajac.com/


Landscapes and architectual

Still Life