Karen Yr

Karen Yr


Emotion flows through my art, just as emotion flows through the human body. That is exactly what I feel the need to portray in my work. The process of emotion, from euphoria to melancholia along with everything inbetween. That's why I love making art, through my medium I can bring forth emotions of disturbance, tranquility, frustration, disgust. Everything I may be feeling at the time is portrayed in my art. My wish is that someone out there will connect with similar feelings portrayed in my work. And most of all my desire is to evoke emotion inside of the viewer. Just as looking at art does to myself.

I'm generally a very happy person, I have dreams, friends, family, stable life. Everything a person can think of. Looking away from all that I still have these disturbing visions and feelings. Late at night creatures come forwards in my mind and I get the urge to draw/paint them. It my sound terrifying but in all honesty it isn't. It's soothing in a way. Drawing/painting these creatures removes the terror they inflict upon me as I am in control.

I don't have any backround art education, all I have is my paintbrush and mind. And that's exactly how I'd like to keep it.

Freedom of Death