The Art of Kevin MacAulay

The Art of Kevin MacAulay

I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces Photographer who recently retired in 2012. I had an awesome 23 year career and travelled to many different countries. Usually not the places you would like to vacation in, I always enjoyed wherever I was photographing the local people and their environment. Due to my line of work and the places I have been I deal with the memories and effects of my prior career. I began to concentrate more on my photography again in 2013 and started to feel that passion again for it. Being able to shoot only what I wanted and how I wanted was great!

I began to paint in March of 2014, first in watercolour. I really enjoyed the watercolour medium. The subtleties of the colours and learned just how patient you have to be with a painting sometimes. I eventually gravitated to acrylics, my first few I struggle with and was about to give up entirely. After taking a break from painting over the winter due to the birth of our second daughter, I started again and viewed a lot youtube videos and gave it a try again. well this time success. I enjoy painting landscapes; tranquil ones of places I would like to be.

Please leave comments or contact me if you are interested in original pieces.

Acrylics on Canvas