Independent gallery of artists Andrei Kolosov and Kamilla Lyubart.
Andrey Kolosov. Fate gave this amazing person both childhood in the center of quiet Moscow during the thaw, and the times of the star chart poster artist. For the Moscow artistic community, the name of Andrei Kolosov represents a whole era. His rather hectic artistic activity covers all the last 30 years of contemporary Russian art.
In the 80s, he was one of the leading graphic artists and posters of the country, one of the founders of the reserved seat group; personal poster exhibitions abroad since the end of the 80s; photo shoots and posters with famous people of the country; status exhibitions of the Russian poster. Andrei Kolosov's works are in the collections of the Japanese Academy of Design, the museum of the poster of Stuttgart, the Louvre (department of graphics and poster), the Library. Lenin, and others, and in private collections - M. Gelman, K. Kostaki, K. Borisov, and others ...
Since 2011 - works together with artist Kamilla Lyubart.
Since the end of 2013 - almost permanent resident of the Creative Estate "Guslitsa".
Kamilla Lyubart. Russian artist. Creator of the gallery of independent art #Kolosov_Lyubart. Student, muse and co-author of the famous Moscow artist Andrei Kolosov. And for the past eight years, engaged in daily artistic practice.
Since the end of 2013 - almost permanent resident of the Creative Estate "Guslitsa".

Andrey Kolosov. Russian landscape.

Andrey Kolosov Sculptural portraits

Andrey Kolosov. Russian still life

Andrey Kolosov. GRAPHIC ARTS

Kamilla Lyubart. Portholes

Kamilla Lyubart. Prints

Kamilla Lyubart. Hybrid mythology