Kameliya Velkova Art

Kameliya Velkova Art


Here you can find original and sensual artworks by Kameliya Velkova, an Artist - Free Spirit and Dreamer.

Born in Vratsa, Bulgaria on 25 th july, 1987.

She discovered at a very young age that she was born to be a painter. The idea of doing anything else seemed impossible for her. She sees painting as an urge or inspiration which spurred her to express through colors and shapes everything around her. The art is a perfection, space and a world of creativity, reflection of her sensitivity and spirituality.

Seeing Kameliya's talent, her parents first sent her to a specialized art class where she sets the beginning of her creative path. Later she went to study at the Professional High School of Textile and Design in Vratsa where Kameliya develop her skills. In 2006, the young artist moved to Blagoevgrad to find more exposure to her art. She is attending the South-West University "Neofit Rilski", where she is finishing her Bachelor degree of arts, specialty 'painting' <in 2010>.

Kameliya's main fokus is oil on canvas and watercolor. The works she has executed so far shows her gradual development in technique. With immense imagination, profound understanding of color and light and accuracy in detail.

Kameliya at the moment lives and works in her hometown, where took her inspiration by the surrounding nature and beauty. Her first individual exhibition took place in October 2012 in Vratsa, Bulgaria, followed by many other performances in contests and exhibitions in the country. Her paintings can be seen in private homes, offices, restaurants and galleries in the country and abroad.

"Be content with the present, but seek after what is best."