Kalyna Forrest's Abstract

Kalyna Forrest's Abstract


Kalyna Forrest ia a contemporary artist, photographer, and poet. Her art is inspired by Kalyna's Ukrainian heritage, as well as love for nature, travel, and poetry. She prefers mostly abstract style, because, as she says, it has no limits, no rules - so the artist can express her emotions in any way she wants...

"I like dark colors. I love to paint on black canvas. Images I create are often deformed. They are moody. They are lonely. They are mysterious. They are frightening. They are destroyed. They are magnetic. They are indifferent. They are forgotten... Almost like our lifeā€¦." - says Kalyna.

Kalyna resides in sunny Florida, with her son, and a very cute Australian shepherd Andy. She loves walking on sandy beaches, play tennis and read novels.