Kalaya Point

Kalaya Point


I am a formally educated aboriginal artist from British Columbia, Canada.

Since birth I have been around artists in fine arts, applied arts, music and dance. So it was a natural progression to attend art school and feel at home with similarly minded people.

Like many First Nations people, I fashioned my own regalia. My mom helped me learn to sew, bead and knit as early as I can remember, so we could be dressed appropriately for our traditional gatherings.

In the past I have focused on portraits and written word in my paintings, although I am sure I will come back to these types of work, for the time being I enjoy a more abstract pallet.

It’s always been a rare occurrence that I don’t have some sort of camera in my hand or close by.
I have a huge collection of photographs that I have taken on 35mm film, long before the digital medium swept through. I mostly use a digital camera now. But I still reminisce about the hours spent in the darkroom developing the photo shoot from the day prior.

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