Kai's Art World

Kai's Art World


I'm Kai and Welcome to my Art Gallery! I'm passionate about making other people feel better. You can say its a gift I was born with. God has given me an awesome smile that brightens your Day. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/cp/facts.html) at birth and I'm currently living with a mixed type disorder.

My Day usually begins with my Caregiver giving me assistance with my personal Hygiene and dressing. She also helps me schedule my appointments, prepare meals and make me do my daily exercises. I am fortunate to live in the House I grew up in. It makes it so much easier to be around the comfort of home.

After graduating from High School I gave College a try and found it very difficult yet rewarding. Unlike HS you really need to have your wits about yourself in the real world. The Campus was compact but, in a very busy Urban area and not too Handicap friendly. Finding HC parking was a task in itself and trekking across Campus in a Wheelchair always had it challenges. I would like to give it another go in the future. I want to be an Office Assistant for a Doctor or Dentist or especially a Veterinary office.

My passion however, is with Painting. I love to Paint and find myself able to express my feelings thru my paintings. My Dad always tell me to think about what I am feeling when I'm Painting and to name them based on that. Only thing is I get lost in my Paintings. My mind is free from my Body and I don't have to think about what I'm doing.

You may be scratching your head over some of the Titles for my prints. I'll leave the interpretation up to you. Who know's it may be exactly how you were feeling that Day! So, have a look around. Hopefully, they will brighten your Day.


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