Hi, and thank you for visiting. I am South African born. I have lived in Zambia and Zimbabwe but currently reside in the land of my birth in Johannesburg.

I have loved the arts since I can remember. My first love was dance. I trained for a few years as a dancer when I was much younger. That led me into a bit of acting, fashion work and a lot of stage performances. Music became a great passion too. Whilst all that was happening my love for technology and engineering also grew and finding it hard to conciliate my love for both art and science, especially in conservative circumstances, the push for acceptance drove me more and more to express my true nature.

Fortunately I managed to travel to Europe and other African countries as a teenager and that helped a lot in forging a clearer view of the world by witnessing and experiencing how and what other cultures do and feel about the so many different yet similar sentiments expressed by all humanity.

I soon learnt that it was all a gift to cherish, share and contribute positively. I suppose my art work therefore, reflects that very same expression in being multifaceted. It is artistic but sometimes or at the same time also a bit scientific.

I appreciate history and the African aesthetic as part of my heritage so it appears frequently in my work as ancient symbols and signs communicating in ancient languages that are interestingly finding great relevance as modern world solutions especially in regard the environment.

Again thank you and enjoy the dance of life!