Kim Young Art

Kim Young Art

I invite you to join me on a journey of exploration as I find my signature voice.

I am an Impressionistic Artist, always exploring different styles, colors and subjects. I enjoy the many techniques and the process called Art. Adding layers of colors and textures to create a representation that will inspire the viewer to enjoy the scene and feel the spirit of the Art piece. I love creating nature, wildlife and landscapes, along with spiritual elements. I love to create collage pieces with many layers, depth and interest.

I design paintings and drawings using a variety of mediums, sure to keep you interested in the vast selection I offer. My Art Works are guaranteed to capture the heart and soul of a variety of interesting subjects, including American landscapes, seascapes, wildlife.

My collage collection offers a variety of colors, both soothing and inspiring. Always with a touch of the Earths creatures to add life to the many layers and depth on the canvas.

As you walk through my Artistic journey, I hope you enjoy stepping into the paintings as much as I have enjoyed capturing the spirit of the subjects. My original Art offers an opportunity to travel to many wonderful destinations throughout the lands of America's National Parks and acres of beautiful American wilderness. I like to add a touch of wildlife into the scenes I create - as they play an important role on this Earth, and cannot afford to be forgotten.

Much more Art in the works! Stay Tuned!

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