James Wargelin

James Wargelin


Hello! Welcome to my Art Riot. Here you will find Digital Art Work representing the last 15 years in San Francisco. I didn’t arrive naturally to digital art, as I followed the traditional path for the artist pursuing their style, expression and vibrancy, in color and form. The Artists I mention
below helped me to formulate a mature and unique style and brand.

During the early 70’s, I found myself in the Lithography Print Rooms while in college, and the Photo Lab/ Dark Rooms as well. Art History Classes opened doors to the World of Artists that painted with mission, where a strong aggressive statement prevailed. I wanted to do the same. I thought the World was changing fast then. Little did I know!

Artists that first impressed me were Van Gogh and Gauguin. In fact, I have often thought that the spirit of Gauguin lived within me. In many ways my life has followed the same life script ( with variation) of Paul Gauguin, even being the “Sunday Painter”.

The Fauve Artists of Paris, France in the early, early 1900’s grabbed my attention They were called “Wild Beasts “ by the critics. I thought they were Wild, Yes! And colorful, bold and amazing! Matisse had a strong presence with the Fauve community as well as Andre Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck. Picasso was also active but moved on quickly to Cubism.

Later Richard Lindner caught my attention with his strong Urban and Figurative works with patterned adornments and environments. His striking images were erotic, provocative and inspirational. During the 1990’s Jean-Michel Basquiat emerged as a strong Urban and Graffiti influence that found a presence in my paintings.

I discovered a unique twist to my life when I decided to join a Dinner Theatre group, a small group. I acted, ending up producing and creating the stage design and set-up ….. I also submitted Editorial Cartoons to a weekly small town newspaper and sat on a Regional Arts Council that distributed $ to local non profit Arts Organizations.

Before and after the Millennium 2000, I hosted a figure drawing group in my studio, not on Sundays but Saturday. My dear friend Gwen, scheduled all the models, I hosted as I said, and added the wine and snacks for the brake. A small but intimate group that survived for 8 years. I think back at this time as one of the best, it was always a “Good Time!”

Life throws many curve balls, and with that I found myself in San Francisco. It was here that Digital Technology crossed my path, and with exposure to the new phones I discovered Photo Editing-Manipulation and later Photoshop. Resistant at first, I eventually understood the advantages of the technology and started to dive into the learning curve. So much to learn, but every step exciting with results that have driven me further.

Life in SF, “the City”, the City by the Bay has been both nemesis and niche, as I have been inspired by the Ocean, the neighborhoods and diversity of people , the graffiti, and yes the Politics!

Although a major change has occurred in my creative process by including the new technologies,…. my previous experience of paint, ink and numbered pencils and applying this to figurative studies and painterly images, has been a foundation where the actual processes of painting and drawing techniques transfers easily into the photo editing options as well as photoshop techniques.

Thank You, for visiting and take a look at the “ Rooms” feature where you can really go beyond “imagining or re-imagining” how the Art you are interested in might look for scale and color. Select the Frames, Matte and Colors, with just a touch.

I Truly hope you enjoy my Art. And please visit again, as I am always adding “NEW WORK”!