J V G - Art

J V G - Art


Hi, my name is Johanna and I´m a self-taught painter.

As most humans nowadays I also live on planet earth in this galaxy and to be precisely I mostly can be found in the city of Munich, Germany.
I´m bilingual and grew up with the language of German and Spanish but I love and feel a big attraction to the English language. Maybe it´s a forgotten memory from another past-life when I was a plank from one of those beautiful victorian piers in the sea or when I was a fairy cherishing the sweet life of flying from flower to flower in one of the beautiful English gardens. Who knows?

Ok, back to the reality. As far I remember I always loved the arts like dancing or being somehow creative even it was just daydreaming but I mostly enjoy and developed and taught myself drawing and painting. Since the last 20+ years I´m now on my journey as an autodidcat painter.
I find it exciting how I can create a painting by starting with a blank piece of paper or canvas with a pencil or a brush.
It gives me mostly great pleasure to see a finished painting which hopefully touches the heart or gives joy and pleasure to look at it or maybe inspires in some way to feel good.

My favourite mediums to work with are watercolors and acrylics.
I enjoy painting portraits, flowers, abstracts actually whatever inspires me to draw.

I hope you enjoy my art!

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