Jorge Van de Perre, born in Santiago de Chile in 1958.

He graduated from secondary education at Andres Bello High School in Santiago in 1976.

The following year he entered the Catholic University to study Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, three years later, in 1979, he changed to a Degree in Chemistry at the University of Chile. Finally that same year, he interrupts his studies, which he will not resume.
Although he always had very much interest and admiration for the artistic work, in particular for the painting and the sculpture, his dedication to painting began late, after his 35 years old. Previously he remained in the field of craftsmanship working with materials as diverse as copper, wood or leather.
In particular, he spent more than a decade working with leather, exploring the many ways in which works can be done, ranging from to make utilitarian articles to artworks such as carving, pyrography, embossing or modeling.

Gradually, the need to draw and paint became more and more important.

He began to make his first artistic works adopting watercolor and oil as his favorite techniques, which he learned in a self-taught way.

In 1996 he traveled to Belgium, where he stayed for several years.
In that year he exhibited his watercolors at the Expo Flanders, representing Chile.
Three years later he joined the Academy of Fine Arts RHOK in Brussels, to pursue formal studies where he graduated in 2003 with mention in sculpture.
Meanwhile he makes some works by commission and participates in collective exhibitions. In 2000 he participated in an exhibition at the Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe Cultural Center, Brussels.
In 2003 he participated in a group exhibition in the Hall Delhaut Community House in Evere, Brussels.
In 2007 he took Flemish techniques of oil painting lessons at the workshop of Magda Francot in Antwerp.
He is part of VRAK, artistic association in Brussels.
Participates in a collective expo of VRAK at Cultural Center Moelie, Linkebeek, Brussels.

Despite his efforts to devote himself to his artistic passion, he often had to postpone his intentions and take on other jobs. However, for years he has obstinately tried to guide his steps along the artistic path.
Back in Chile, in 2011 he participates in a collective expo at the Cultural Center of Limache, Chile.
In 2013 he makes a solo exhibition at the Nicanor Parra Cultural Center en Las Cruces, Chile and later in the National Congress of Chile.

In 2016 he published the adult coloring book titled "Oceana".

As for the subject of his works, the artist focuses on the landscape, the human figure and still life, in a realistic style, sometimes with a touch of fantasy, which he describes as magical realism.

Along with oil and watercolor, charcoal drawings and digital techniques are also his center of interest as a means of expression. Currently painting is his permanent occupation and is also working on increasing the content of his first book and prepares other drawings with new themes to be published.