Jurg Jenzer

Jurg Jenzer


Dear Guest,
Thank you for visiting my Artpal gallery. I hope you enjoy browsing my work. I am an educator who worked as a public school educator and principal for 30 years, I love to paint and work with wood, and I am passionate about fly fishing and gardening.

The paintings combine acrylics and epoxy resin on stretched canvas. All are framed and ready to hang. Live edge artworks combine locally sourced woods (black walnut, maple, oak, cherry, elm, birch, cedar) and epoxy resin. All boards are finished with FDA approved, food-safe products. Finished food serving boards can be shipped with hanging hardware upon request. Coffee table slabs can also be shipped with hanging hardware, usually a French cleat for safe installation.

Please note that some of the artworks exhibited may have sold by the time you see them here. Each piece is unique and cannot be duplicated, but requests for specific types of wood (maple, oak, black walnut, cherry, cedar) and epoxy resin color(s) can usually be honored. I appreciate your understanding and patience.

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Food Presentation and Cutting Boards