Junija Galejeva

Junija Galejeva


Junija's artistic work is a complete immersion in a sea of vibrant colors, the viewer is completely transported by the current of them, as in a shipwreck one is catapulted into a whirlwind of emotions. Full bodied brushstrokes, pasty and vivid colors play the role of protagonists on the stage of the canvas, light tones that contrast with dark and gloomy brushstrokes, contrasts of tones, light and
shadow, are characteristics that make Junija's works strongly evocative and suggestive. Like Friedrich's "The wanderer on the sea of fog", so the viewer feels in front of Junija's works: overwhelmed by the sublime.

The artist Junija is able to create an intense bond between her works and the viewer, in fact she is able to express her feelings in an excellent way. Kandinsky suggested that it is necessary to exercise one's soul, Junija puts this thought into action and what comes out of it is art that causes sensations and caresses the heart of the viewer.

In Junija's work the great pictorial ability of the artist is evident, moreover all her calm and composure is evident. The brushstrokes and colors that Junija uses bring to mind feelings of calm and tranquility, her work is a sort of door that leads us into a state of mind of peace. It is very clear that in addition to
the skilful hand of the artist there is in her the great ability to listen to her heart, the artist is able to listen to her emotions and express them through colours.

Meeting Junija's work means discovering hidden emotions, and again, getting in touch with our spirit. Junija's art is a tangible expression of great sensitivity, intuition and above all passion. The entire artistic work arises and takes on the meaning of a bridge between us spectators and something transcendental that shakes our soul and intimate feelings.

Art Curator Vanessa Viti (Italy)

Junija Galejeva (Vilnius, Lithuania) - Lithuanian painter and musicologist, member of the group of painters "Nine Winds".

More than 40 group exhibitions (Vilnius, Trakai, Nida, Palanga, Milan, Fuerteventura, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam)

Solo exhibitions:
2015 - UNTITLED, Karoliniškės Music School, Vilnius
2017 - SENSES of IMAGE, PSI Gallery, Vilnius
2017 - SILENCE, LRT Gallery, Vilnius
2018 - AUTHORSHIP OF THE PAST, ARS Gallery, AVNT Gallery Vilnius
2021 - SEASONS, AVNT Gallery, Vilnius
2022 - FOCUS, Savicko Pictures Gallery, Vilnius

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