J.J earned a Master degree in Fine Arts in 1999. he has worked as a book designer, illustrator and as an artist. In 1985, JJ received his first award for the artwork “Peace” at International Young Artists’ Competition in Moscow. he was also awarded for the artwork “The Crying”, 1st. place, at 54 Gallery So-Ho, NY (International Fine Art Competition) . jimmy's paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Since 1996 JJ has worked as an illustrator for book and magazine publishers and as an artist creating paintings, drawings and etchings on stone and zinc. His artworks were showcased at Book Expo America 2001, in Chicago at McCormick Place.

JJ's painting are made on high quality canvas using winsor and newton products.jimmy makes his painting mostly by using pallete knife as the colors appear more vivid and textured

In 2006 and 2007, Jimmy was commissioned by Melting Pot Restaurant, Inc to create Series of paintings for a new Melting Pot Restaurant in Whippany, New Jersey and for a new restaurant in White Plains, New York, which will be open in November, 2007.

J J "inner necessity" to express emotional perceptions that led to the development of an abstract style of painting is based on non representational properties of color, shade and form.

JJ's abstract and figurative compositions are the culmination of artist's efforts to create "a pure painting" that would provide the same emotional power as a musical composition.

An artist views the compositions as major statement of artistic ideas. Just as symphonies define milestones in the career of a composer. Jimmy's abstract and figurative compositions represents the culmination of artistic vision at a given moment in an artist's career.

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Paintings are signed and dated on the front and back, then wrapped in plastic and taped to secure moisture from compromising the painting. Then a layer of bubble wrap is tightly wrapped around and taped. Another layer of bubble wrap is then wrapped around the first, bubble to bubble, creating a "pillow" that is extremely effective in securing the painting from damage. The pillow is then placed in a sturdy mirror box for shipment.

I retain all copyrights on all work seen here and sites around the net that feature my work. Images are not to be duplicated in any means without written consent from me, the artist. I am diligent in maintaining the integrity of my intellectual property and pursue all copyright violations to the fullest extent of the law.

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pallete knife landscape