Julie J Rekha

Julie J Rekha


My name is Julie J Rekha and the journey that my life has taken me is not of the ordinary. Within myself lies layers of self discovery, where my creative energy is strongest. Sometimes it feels like a corner or two is being skipped in this bumpy road. Throughout this journey however, my sense of humor and light heart nature keeps me in the flow. Bringing me opportunities to meet and connect with others who are similarly finding a way between our higher selves and human nature.

Growing up, the environment that was placed for me may not have been the most ideal but you can see in my paintings, that it was all a Masterpiece in the making. Everything that was done to me was for me, and simply tools to become the artist, writer and care free spirit that I am.

My mission as a creative person is to leave a legacy that inspires and simply makes people feel better about themselves. From my heart space, this reaches out to other creative beings who like myself have a story to share in their work. Some of us are eccentric spirits experiencing life from an angle that is different to others and that is okay too.

In my Art you may sense a deep level vibrancy and frequency that matches yours. My work is complete if, for a moment it brings you beauty and feelings of well being, this is my telos (purpose).