Julie Gadras

Julie Gadras


I'm a French photographer living in the beautiful city of Bordeaux.
I used to like photography as a hobby during my childhood ; and now, after several years, the passion is the same.

I'm a plastics arts student in the Bordeaux Montaigne University, in year 2.
This year I had the possibility to choose an optional class. This is how I ended up in a photography class, with the desire to learn all about the photography.

With this interesting class, I began to have my own style.
I've tried some very pure nudes to innovate, with my mother in the role of the model, a reference to Elinor Carucci, one of my favorite photographer.
With more classes, I developed an interest in the little details, which nobody see, which everyone pass by without paying attention to it.
Some of my photographies are about something we know, something we see often but not in details. I do something not everybody do : I step forward and look closer.
I enter in the intimity of the bushes, to see what branches are hidden behind the leaves, I look methodically at the branches of the trees to see the strange forms, I search in the buildings what could possibly be an invisible detail. I change the proportions of all of this to make it important, to encourage the people to see the details of everything that is around them.