Julia Selow

Julia Selow



Julia Selow was Born in 1995 in Berlin Germany.
She is a Multi-Artist who is using mixed media of all Forms, Formats and Materials.
She is creating Wall- and Oil paintings, is making Installations, Sculptures and Prints.
After an extensive education on the Fine Art Academies in Saarbrücken and Dresden ( germany) she moved to Israel and studied at the Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.
Today she lives and works in the Jordan valley were she is running her own art school and developes her creative styles every day.

Artist Statement

I construct. Then I deconstruct, or the natural process does it for me.

Looking beyond the obvious, close observation and examination of the subject is my process. The challenge is to look beyond the distraction of the conspicuous in order to capture their unique self. Some of my motifs are very beautiful, others less so. Just like in the world, construction and deconstruction go hand in hand. The beautiful is not always positive or obviously beautiful; the negative or unattractive things in life also have their beauty.
My goal is to inspire those who see my work to take a closer look at the world around them and discover beauty in unusual places.

For more information about the artist, her career, Outlook on the future, or any other information contact the artist via email at art.studio.hamra@gmail.com or www.juliaselow.com