I am Juliana Sol, artist, designer.  
I love aesthetics, the beauty of nature and the magic of life. I am the self-taught artist. My life situation led me to art, and after I picked up a brush and paints my love affair with paintings began.
Prior to painting, I worked in photography and design.
With the help of art, we open deeper and find more graceful forms of interaction with the world around us, and learn new ourselves.

About my creativity and style:
Juliana paints portraits of girls, marine and other forms of abstractions. Portraits combined with abstract backgrounds.
Juliana prefer beige, blue and white, her favorite colours.
She cannot stop at one thing, abstraction is a moment of relaxation for her as she said : “it’s like I’m diving into the sea, the paint itself guides me like water, I don’t plan for it to stop, just like under water, when my breath ends, I understand that the picture is ready”.
And girls are dreams and feelings with them, she is focused and attentive.
They are piercing or romantic.  
With each picture she has her own novel, a new story and love. This creative love that occurs only once in a lifetime.
“I write something that comes from the soul and resonates with the inner world.
I create my own little niche”.

Juliana's tools are oil, acrylic, texture paste, canvas, but her favorite material is oil.

Institute of Business and Design Television
Profession Artist - Designer 2008 - 2013