My Name is Julia Birtwistle. This is me! Julia B

All my life I have been interested and Art and it's uses. Everything from a dress to a building requires design. Even natural design's such as trees, flowers, and animals can be a thing of beauty. When I studied art, at first a lot of my design's were in needlework. Embroidered pictures, appliqué, and lace were favourites, but since I have become older I have become more interested in impressions and the abstract. I find I can give more meaning to a picture that way. I have become fascinated with the galaxy and musical instruments at the moment. In another life I was a hairstylist. Hair design can be very intricate or very simple but I love to paint heads of hair At the moment I am a hypnotherapist by day and I am very interested in art as therapy.

Enchanted Forest


The Eye Has It

Light at the End of the Tunnel - Red

The Sparkling Lady

The Green Lady