lefresne michel

lefresne michel


excuse me i do not speak well English
i paint scince 1964 1965 1966 work with painters swamp Paris 1971 to 1972 school of painting ABC Paris after school i work with Alexis Alexandre art critic and with Mr Delarue seller to the room Drouot Paris i work with Mr Vallobra Belgian galériste this during the period 1972 to 1980 exhibitions 1974 1975 1976 at the salon of the indépendent at the Grand Palais Paris 1976 exhibition at the gallery Drouant Paris 1977 1978 exhibitions st germain meadowws and exhibitions in the Paris area expos Spain Italy Japan usa usa 1980 goes down to the south of France work with painters Adgathois and painters Sète exposed in the région Occitanie Montpellier Agde Sète i have several style contemporary style says style the ribbons i destroy the characters cubist style for the paysages marim monochcome and déco style for landscapes and stiil lifes major art science awardand lettr 1975 grand prix of humane France 1976 queen gold medal Fabiola Belgium

landscape on the side ChamberyFrance

garigue landscape noon of France

consular palaceof Sète France


fruit eather

on the beach

young girl on the green sofa

relaxation on the garden terrace

very wise and girl sitting

young girl kneeling

village at the bottom of the valley

still file with pumpkim

the boat


abstract navy

woman sitting in blue

entwined couple

port of the Great Motte

dance in the sun

in the chair

the lady in the green hat

collioure beach



pic st loup herautl

village of Corconne Gard France

do not you see anything coming

bouquet of peonies

saxophone and violin

clarinet aubois and horn

piano and violin

stiil life at melon

still life on the guitar

still life at the tin

still life at orange pitcher

the little house in the valley

collioure beach

sunbating on the beach


cafe on the terrace

on the terrace

couple embracing on the beach

on the beach

la dame au chapeau sur le pouf

la damme au chapeau sur un poGallery


port de bouzigues france

sitting woman