Judy Horan

Judy Horan


When I was about 10, I told my father that I wanted to paint. Not like the painting that we did in school but with oil paints like the masters used. My father, who was a talented doodler, supported my creative side and purchased a set of oil paints, brushes, turpentine, linseed oil, and made me an easel (which I still cherish to this day).
Through the years, I have tried numerous mediums and have loved the challenges that each medium and new technique provides. I have gotten away from oils but have just purchased a new set to play with.

All my art has a calmness and serenity to it that is intended to create that feeling when you view it. For this reason, my work has been displayed in offices, waiting rooms and also used for therapy by several therapists.

If you would like to see more than what is displayed here, feel free to view my website ( www.JudyHoranDesigns.ca ) and to follow me on facebook.

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