jujute's  Gallery de Jardin de Bonne Nouvelle

jujute's Gallery de Jardin de Bonne Nouvelle


My name is Judith Joubert. I have been painting for 40 plus years, mostly in oils but I can work in all mediums. I am at present taking advantage of this on line excursion to hopefully sell my art. Please feel free to meander at your leisure as your eye takes in my colorful expressions of a desire to once again feel alive. Some of my paintings represents my toutured capture by "The Dragon of Depression" but the upside of this is illustrated in the paintings that express many of the world's beautiful landscapes, especially those with a Cajun exposure. I praise God often for my desire to create art. Especially since I am oxygen dependent. But this handicap doesn't keep me homebound. Even though this condition is difficult to handling at times, for me, nothing is harder to take than finding yourself a prisoner to "The Dragon of Depression". And without any idea of how to escape such mental torture.
Well I was in this predicament for 20 plus years. Luckily I have a mental plan all worked out for any victim of depression. This heart tugging tell all is documented in detail in my book titled "The Great Exceptions of Hope".

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