Judith Barath Arts

Judith Barath Arts


Judith Barath is an Oak Brook (Chicago area) based contemporary artist whose work is widely inspired by the world around her. From her nature-inspired oil paintings to world travel photography, Judith’s work is a glimpse into her extraordinary observant mind and absolutely peculiar perception of her surroundings.
Through Judith Barath Arts, she provides distinctive contemporary fine art collections displaying original impressionistic nature oil paintings, fine art, worldwide travel photo albums, and sophisticated figurative digital art in well organized online galleries.

Judith is curious by nature, and that curiosity has led her to explore and experiment with different mediums. While her work is mostly based on oil painting, photography, and digital art, she has experimented enough to add originality and exclusiveness to her pieces. Most of her work displays a fine blend of contemporary techniques and traditional values of fine art.
As reflected in her work, Judith has a passion for artistic expression and for traveling. She believes that her passions work together to keep her inspired. She travels around the world to discover exotic sights of nature as well as the modern-day marvels reflected in the evolution of technology, architecture, fashion, and even in the lifestyle of people from different corners and cultures of the world. Everything she creates, from oil paintings and digital art to photography, demonstrates the depth and versatility of her incredible talents and the stories she collects throughout her journeys.

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