Reese Jubier

Reese Jubier

Hey all - I'm Reese, and I'm an American-born pastel artist currently living in the Northeast. Although I have enjoyed painting with many different mediums, soft pastels speak to me the most. I think it's their fragility that calls to me. I've also always had an affinity towards playing with dirt and a pastelist's studio is nothing if not earthy and dusty!

I enjoy exploring many subjects for my artwork - from landscapes to nudes. Recently, I've been on a path of self-exploration and have been communicating my findings through my art. That exploration can be seen in my "Cobblestone" collection.

Aside from painting, I enjoy international travel, raising my two young kids from a genderfluid point of view, watching mind-bending shows and movies, cooking, and singing when no one is listening. :-)

Cobblestone Collection

2021 Soft Pastel Collection

Oil Paintings