Juan's corridor

Juan's corridor


The bad news is, I'm old. Wait.... the good news is that I managed to get this far; that I can now stop being a computer science nerd. But again ... wait. The REAL good news is that I am old enough to know that I don't know much, and that it doesn't matter what I know, anyway. If it's true that wisdom is knowing what to forget, then either I am not very wise, because I don't know what I forgot, or, I am wiser than wise but don't know it. However that may be, there is one thing I do know. That I can cut the chains that tethered me to the bits and bytes of smart phones and keyboards and touch screens. That, Instead, I can rediscover the world I once knew as a child, the one built from atoms and molecules.
Unfortunately, I can only give you the bits and bytes of pictures. Fortunately, ARTPAL can turn them into the molecules of a print of your choice.
Enjoy my attempts to make the world a better place than it already is.



The colors of nature


What in The World??


Sunsets and Dreams

Digital Art-room