This gallery was created to help artists support artists. For every piece of art sold a majority portion of the proceeds will be donated to a performing artist that can no longer perform in person due to the Social Distancing rules put in place by this pandemic. There are so many posts lately about being able to see art in museums and galleries or listen to concert and plays, it seems that "ART" has become very important to the mental health of the human race. But what about those artists that rely on live performances? Many are completely out of work and can use the support of the community that has suddenly found art in all its forms to be necessary and worthy of our attention to maintain our humanity. Please consider a purchase to help support the artists in need.
About the Artist:
Jessie Wellman-Doute is a watercolor artist based in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida. Her art reflects the beauty of the flora and fauna of northeast Florida as well as the joys of everyday life.
Jessie's love for art started early in life, she loved to do crafts beginning with the summer school programs, learned to sew and knit from her mother, she learned architectural drawing from her father and eventually received an art degree from the Colorado Institute of Art.
Like many people, life got in the way of Jessie's art. Getting married, raising a family took precedence over her art. It wasn't until she moved to Florida that she was able to rekindle her passion and began in earnest to create again. After taking a watercolor class the dye was cast and you can see the results of her passion in this gallery. She is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society and has show in the On-line show was well as the Monmouth Museum in New Jersey, and her work can also be found in private collections around the country.

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