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JSJ Designs+


Jamie was born in a small town in Northeast WI. From a very young age she was drawn to art. She loved painting, drawing, pottery, charcoal, photography and anything that made the world look just a little more beautiful.

All through school she took many art classes and decided to obtained her degree in Multimedia Technologies of Applied Science – Majoring in Web & Graphic Design.

Art and technology combined with her artistic abilities; she has come up with a new way to showcase her art to the world.

Her photographs are digitally enhanced into more vivid and eye-catching images. Oil painting effects along with black & white or vintage look make her Photography art original and one of a kind unique.

Through her art you can see the world in all its beauty.

Her canvas prints are stretched around 3/4" sturdy wooden canvas and then laminated for longevity and hanging hardware. Ready to hang in your home.

Her Acrylic prints are a mirror image directly on the back of a Plexiglas sheet. High concentration UV inks are used on the print is at a 1400 DPI for high-resolution color printing. The acrylic printing is then processed with a coating to preserve it for a long time. Comes with Stand Offs to hang the beautiful art anywhere you choose.

***Contact me Directly for originals if they are not available for more than print, or if you have an image you would like enhanced to look and feel like a real oil painting. https://jsjdesigns.net

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