J. Scott Hayden

J. Scott Hayden


Although I pursued a television production career rather than a different creative path, patterns that occur in art, architecture and the natural world, as well as the sheer randomness, often renders me to silent wonderment.

It's watching the rows of corn flicker by from the window of a passing car. It's the quilted patch-work of the world as viewed from six miles high. It's a fat black bumble bee landing on a brilliant pink hibiscus flower. It's... It's everywhere... It's everything.

Photography and painting has heightened my awareness and appreciation of such, enjoying some of the simpler things in life.

Creating or building anything, whether it's for practical use or more toward whimsical, has always given me a satisfying sense of accomplishment. But creating art, whether it's realistic or abstract, has granted me the gift to visualize the world through more clear and less jaded eyes.

You may wake up and smell the coffee. Just don't forget to stop and smell the roses, too.

I also love to laugh. Laughter is such good medicine. Laugh often. If there's nothing around to make your laugh, come up with something and laugh out loud. Who cares what others think.

And that brings me to this...

If I were asked to point out my flaws, I'd have to say I have a problem with confidence and self esteem. I'm overly self-critical and very analytical, and can have a complete conversation in my head. Wait... should I even put this on here? Why even mention this? I wonder if anyone cares or is only me. Or is it that I want them to care? Who cares? I'm just being kooky? Mmm, cookie. A cookie sounds good. Chocolate milk sounds good, too. Two cookies and some chocolate milk. Not before lunch, I need to wait. Speaking of, when am I going to lose some weight? Wait... In my head, did I just have a complete board meeting? Board meeting... bored meeting... hmm. Interesting. Maybe not. Or is it?



Out There In The Nowhere