JS  art

JS art


Jean-Sebastien Aubry born in France, is a dreamer, he likes abstraction art ,the lights and the nature.
He has inside him the love of the colors as the rainbow, the textures the three dimension, the perspectives.
He can stop the time with his abstract pictures and immortalising moments and atmosphere with his sun set series as a flower which never roams.

He transforms withe canvas into colorful representations, symbolism and abstraction.

In 2016, He had the opportunity to exhibit some of his work at the house of art of Sheffield and at Maurice Felt gallery of Dinard, a printer who been working with Picasso, Braque, Miro.

" I really like mixing colors and look at the lights, I always feel amazed by all the possible choice , it s the infinity "

"i hope you will enjoy look at my work"


my paintings

photography Lighting show (serie 4)

photography lighting show (serie 2)

photography Lighting show (series 1)

photography of the sky