JRuiz Art

JRuiz Art


Jesus James Ruiz is an artist who works with acrylic, oil, mix media, Graphic Art and photography. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Puerto Rico. J. Ruiz is inspired by artists such as Picasso, Basquiat, Gaugin, Linchestein, Rauchenberg, Ansel Adams,Warhol and 20.. 21 century art. Jesus Ruiz art begins with no excuses of influences and makes use of all around to fulfill his creation process. His art is pure creation. The trademarks of his work are color and composition creating images that leave a message and a permanent impression on the viewer. —”As far back as I can remember I was always drawing, painting or creating something.”
“The Art is a way of working out my feelings, always in constant evolution. It’s like bread and water to my soul to quench my thirst for creation.

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