Hi – I’m Julius
I am married and have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Due to my technical background I always work accurately, with great detail and absolute clarity which come in handy when performing digital designing. I design in detail with perfect color blends and stunning clarity or fading as required.
ArtPal supplies various formats and sizes of print as per your requirements. See any of my designs for more details.

My favorite pastime is studying art and craft forms on the Internet and then designing in my own style. I have drawn a large amount of images which I am now making available for sale on ArtPal (JRDD) and share on Pinterest (JRDD), Facebook (JRDD) and Twitter (JRDD).

Your valuable support is much appreciated and contributes to the success of this business.

Zig Zag - Black & White - Repeated

Zig Zag - Color - Repeated

4 Side Symmetrical - Black & White

Medallion Wall Art - Black & White

Medallion Wall Art - Color

Color - Assorted

Symmetrical - Original B&W

Non Symmetrical Original B&W


2 And More Sided Symmetrical - Color

Abstract - Color

Bowl - Color

Collage - Color

Cone - Color

Cosmos - Color

Flower - Color

Frame - Color

Glass - Color

Insect - Color

Modern Art - Color

Perspective - Color

Sphere - Color

Twirl - Color

Vortex - Color

Wheel - Color

Zig Zag - Color - Repeatable

Line Drawings from Original Designs

B&W from Original Designs

Frosted Glass from Original Designs

Landscape - Color

Angel - Color

Door Panel - Symmetrical - Color

Door Panel - Non Symmetrical - Color

Door Panel - Symmetrical - B&W

Door Panel - Non Symmetrical - B&W