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Applications for Digital Abstract Design Art (DADA)

Hi – I am Julius
I am married and have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. My background is technical. Due to my engineering experience I always have to work accurately, with great detail and absolute clarity. These engineering traits come in very handy when performing digital designing. My favorite pastime is studying as many conceivable art and craft forms as possible on the Internet. I have set up an account on Pinterest where I gather information about the various art and craft forms. I use these art and craft forms to inspire me with my own unique art style. All my designs are original. My Pinterest boards can be found at https://www.pinterest.com/juliusronquest123
Look for my boards that start with A for Art and CR for Crafts.

I love to design in absolute detail with perfect color blends and stunning clarity or fading respectively where required.

I have designed a large amount of DADA (Digital Abstract Design Art) images which I am now making available for sale. My business is new and is called J R Digital Designs Pty Ltd.

The DADA designs are unique and original. These designs can be used by businesses such as:

Clothing, Swimwear, Blankets, Towel and Facecloths, Tablecloth and Curtains, T Shirts, Backdrops, Window Drapes, Room Dividers, Carpets, Rugs, Bed Linen, Screen Printing etc.
Self-Adhesive Transfers: Glass Panes, Glass Shower Doors, Stained Glass Windows, Adhesive Wallpapers etc.
Wall Hangings: Stretched Canvas, Framed Images, Backlight Images, Murals etc.
DIGITAL DEVICE DESIGNS Wallpapers, Profile Pictures, Screensavers, Cover Images, Digital Projectors etc.
KITCHENWARE TRANSFERS Plates, Cups and Saucers, Mugs, Jugs, Pots, Pans, Kettles etc.
OTHER ASSORTED Electronic Embroidery, Table Placemats, Vehicle Kit Covers / Wraps and many other applications.
RECOLORING DESIGNS These designs are black & white line drawings of all the designs available in color and black & white. The idea is for supporters to start their own business. They buy these line drawings cheaply and then color them in or paint them and sell them as originals.

Your valuable support is much appreciated and contributes to the success of this business.

Additional Notes
1. Sizes in inches are rounded to a full inch.
2 Door Panels can be used as a self-adhesive transparent image to fix to a glass door or any other surface to which it will stick.


Symmetrical - Original B&W

Non Symmetrical Original B&W


2 And More Sided Symmetrical - Color

Abstract - Color

Bowl - Color

Collage - Color

Cone - Color

Cosmos - Color

Flower - Color

Frame - Color

Glass - Color

Insect - Color

Modern Art - Color

Perspective - Color

Sphere - Color

Twirl - Color

Vortex - Color

Wheel - Color

Zig Zag - Color

Line Drawings from Original Designs

B&W from Original Designs

Frosted Glass from Original Designs

Landscape - Color

Angel - Color

Door Panel - Symmetrical - Color

Door Panel - Non Symmetrical - Color

Door Panel - Symmetrical - B&W

Door Panel - Non Symmetrical - B&W