J Q Grafton

J Q Grafton


Our hope is that our art photography will move you, inspire you, and connect some memory or good time in your life. Perhaps it will remind you of a story that you know…

My husband and I have been photography lovers/nuts/fanatics since we were both teenagers.
I received my first camera when I was ten and soon became the dedicated photographer for our whole extended family.
My husband studied photography in college and when we met, our mutual love for photography inspired us to combine our passion with the knowledge we had both gained over the years.

We soon began teaming up on our photo shoots and the results were amazing!
Scott continued adding to his knowledge and experience when he spent 5 years traveling with Olan Mills as a Photographer.

During our 31+ year marriage, we have photographed many weddings, engagements, events, parties, graduations and senior pictures.
We still love to spend time together, exploring new places with cameras slung around our necks.
We often have different interpretations of the places we visit, so when we compare the day's pictures, we often marvel at the variety of results we get while photographing the same thing!
Thanks for being here!

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