Hello and welcome to my online gallery. My name is Joy Elizabeth Ballack and I live in the beautiful, sunny island of Trinidad in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a mostly a self-taught artist, my artistic ability being discovered by my father when I was just two years old. After obtaining a second opinion from an art teacher, he began a program to encourage and help me develop this innate gift. I later learnt from other artists from Trinidad and North America as well as the old masters.

I get my inspiration from observing nature and from truths I learn from the Word Of God. I love to write inspirational, christian poetry and hope to be published soon. I have also put some of my poems to music and have combined some with art. I just enjoy being creative and exploring new ideas and genres.

Over the years, I have sold art to family and friends through commissioned work and have participated in a few art exhibitions alongside national artists. I have been part of online galleries since 2012, displaying my work to international markets and have been invited by the curators of the prestigious Agora Gallery of New York to submit an application for an exhibition at their gallery. I have also been pre-approved to appear in World Wide Art books featuring international masters.

My favourite genres at the moment are realism and abstract. I paint mostly in oils, acrylics and pastels. My subjects include animals and birds, landscapes, seascapes, water paintings, figurative paintings and colourful abstracts. At present I have developed a keen interest in acrylic, resin paintings and hope to create a collection in the near future.

I have taught children's art classes in the past and have had many students participate in and win national and international art competitions. Over the past year I have been hosting Art Party events in my local town to help develop a greater appreciation for art and to encourage people of all ages to step out of their comfort zones, believe in themselves and try something new. Many come to realise that they can do something that they previously thought was impossible.

I would love for you to browse my gallery and find that special original painting or print for you or someone you love, that warms your heart, inspires your soul and enlivens your spirit.

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