Joshua Ruebl Fine Art

Joshua Ruebl Fine Art

I am an artist, philosopher, and occultist.

My paintings and drawings are an exploration of the body in its natural state. They are totems, archetypes from various world occult systems that represent the eternal mysteries of sex and death. In Western society, the body is in a state of crisis, and these works are spiritual explorations into the possibilities of the body and consciousness. They are the explorations of female power in the form of the Gnosis of Sophia. This Tantric force of the feminine had its genesis in ancient Egypt and the primordial Kaballah. It moved East to India in the Left-Hand Tantra of the Vama Marg and then flourished as the core esoteric systems of Gnosticism, Northern Paganism, and the Eastern Cults of Buddhism. The feminine mysteries of the Left-Hand Path have been repressed for 2,000 years, and the metaphysical and Tantric system represented by this work is referred to as the Typhonian Tradition, or the Cult of Love.

I live in Los Angeles with my creative partner Emily.

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