Josh James

Josh James

I use art to cope. I use paint to feel. Every stroke of the brush, spray from the can, and every snap of the camera, come from a place of growth and exposure. I explore the things that tear us all down and rebuild us. I expose feelings and uncomfortable situations to help others more easily process their own.

I lost my father to suicide at just four years old, and was forced to grow up far too quickly. I gained and lost every ounce of hope and innocence I’ve ever had, but I appreciate my journey more than anything. I vowed to use my gift to expose all of the beauty there is in losing, because when one loses all they have, they expose the true fire inside themselves. When you’re scraping the bottom, you fight like hell to get just an inch closer to the top.

If we all fought with that desire we have inside, think of the world we’d have in front of us.

A portion of any proceeds will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.