Joseph Qiu ART

Joseph Qiu ART

Joseph Qiu (b. 1979) has been obsessed with illustrating the world and the people around him since early childhood. While other children yearned for toys and candies, he was always happiest with a pencil and paper. At school, he filled his books with doodles and his desk with elaborate imagery. His school friends became walking art canvases, their clothing adorned with his intricate hand-drawn patterns.

Joseph realized at an early age that it would be wise to turn this creative compulsion into a profession. However, growing up in China’s Shanghai, an artistic career was not widely encouraged. It was only after immigrating to New Zealand as a young adult that he had the chance to follow his dream. After attaining a Bachelor of Graphic Design at Auckland University of Technology, Joseph quickly became a sought after illustrator working mainly in the area of commercial art and publishing.

While Joseph loves using his skills to create commercial art, bringing a person’s character to life via portrait painting is something that has always brought him great joy. Over the years he has honed his skill by attending life drawing classes, studying human anatomy and sketching the diverse tapestry of people that surround him every day.

2012 Illustrator’s Awards (AUS/NZ) Highly Commended
2016 Silver Spectrum Fantastic Art Award
2016 3x3 International illustration awards Honorable Mention
2016 3x3 International illustration awards Merit
2017 Chromacon best illustration awards

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