José De Andrade artworks

Art is my passion and driving force ever since I was a teenager. To me creating art is an escape to another level of spirituality. Due to my architectural background I have a sight for perspective. The use of shadows as well as light is very important to me when I create art. I like to capture the beauty and emotion of the subject by using detail and layering. Mu influences are everything I feel and experience. I have lived a great part of my life in Africa, which has had a major influence in my works.
I use an array of different techniques and materials in my artwork. A lot of my early artwork was done in a form of tile paintings, which are now being displayed in Portugal and Africa. My recent works have been watercolours, acrylic paintings and oil paintings, all which have been influenced by my love and passion for Africa and it's people.
I have always been a very non-materialistic person, art comes to me naturally and I create it like we breathe air. My works have for this reason never been sold online as everything I have created has always been bought as seen at the time.