Under the Canopy Art by Jo Robbins

Under the Canopy Art by Jo Robbins


I am a landscape artist by commission in the acrylic medium. I have captured many historical buildings threatened with demolition. Some, sadly, no longer remain. I am pleased that I was able to capture them on canvas.

The Rolfe Barn in Penacook was purchased by an out-of-state developer who intended to dismantle it and rebuild it at an undisclosed location in the mid-west. It was and is a one-of-a-kind double English barn. The City Council of Concord, NH voted to take the barn by eminent domain to protect and preserve the barn in its original location. After months of negotiation and thanks to the support of many, the barn was repurchased by the Penacook Historical Society who reached a settlement with the owner of the historic barn. Concord was not so fortunate with the Clinton Street barn that was dismantled by the developer and relocated out of state.

The name “Under the Canopy Art” was born the day I read about the history of a NH state historical marker for a church. I was inspired by the words that said before the townspeople could afford to erect the building, they gathered under the great canopy of heaven. Since the desire to paint comes from deep within me, I felt the name was appropriate. There have been so many random moments in my life where a canopy provided protection, physically and metaphorically. In those moments, I realized I chose the name for my art wisely and with forethought.