Joost Gerritsen

Joost Gerritsen

My life started on the first of August 1968. I loved life and still do. In the beginning. The first couple of 18 years Epilepsy was a major part of my life. On the age of 12 I lived for half a year in a centre for Epilepsy research where I took pills with very strange names. (I had to much electricity flowing through my brain ;-)

But there where my lovely parents too. My mum send me every day a postcard which she drew herself. It was story about a little man called Charles Treecreeper who was on it’s way to me with his backpack of goodies. My mum was a graphic designer and my father a photographer. I grew up in an artistic environment ( granddad was a painter and violin builder and my cousin is an artist too. ) and I loved it.

There where two major exhibitions which inspired me and gave me food for my curiosity. One of them was the Documenta 7 in Kassel, Germany. The other was an exhibition called La Grande Parade in Amsterdam, a painting exhibitions with all the great modern painters. Like Bacon, Beckmann, Polke, Guston and De Kooning. I’ve never seen an exhibition like that any more. But I was in love, that was for sure.

In 1988 I went to art school and studied there 5 years, a great time I had. I graduated in 1993 on the AKI, Enschede and went to Amsterdam.
I like Amsterdam and had there several exhibitions, solo and participating. I organized some exhibitions for others in my home as well with some crazy happenings and won an award in 2007.

But in 2006 it was time to go abroad. I went to Spain. Me and my wife bought a house on the country side near Valencia. We’re living completely off the grid and 3 years ago I build a studio in the Garden and that’s where I work now.

Recently I founded together with my lovely wife Heidi a cultural centre called Ojalá. A place for exhibitions, workshops, music, theatre, poetry and a lot more. It is a place based upon ecological ideas and an open space for artists to do their thing.

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