Jon Kittleson Portrait Artist

Jon Kittleson Portrait Artist

My name is Jon Kittleson. I had interest in becoming an artist in high school. I ended up going to Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, VA to study art. I ended getting my Associate Degree as a graphic designer. I ended up taking a break from my art for 10 years. Deep down inside I knew I wanted to grow as an artist. I got married. My wife suggested to me to advertise as a commission artist and draw people's pets. As of 2012, I started Jon Kittleson Portrait Artist.
I ask for a good photo to work from. I use PrismaColor colored pencils to create my portraits. My art style is best described as Expressionism. I offer three different sizes-8"x10,11"x14",16"x20". Once, I finish the art. I will place a 2" white mat to give it a clean professional look. I place the mated art, backing inside a plastic cover to protect the art from fingerprints and etc. I then, ship off the art to your door.

I actually have a form of Parkinson's. I have a rare condition known as Rapid onset Dystonia Parkinsonism (RDP). So, walking is a challenge for me. I wear leg braces on both legs. I have dystonia really bad in my hands. My hands don't open as nicely. I use color pencils because its easier to me to hold on to.

Please check out my Esty page.

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