Tseng Hsin

Tseng Hsin


Hello everyone. I wish you have a happy day, if you don't, go buy one of my art, I'm sure that will makes you feel much more better!!

I have a pretty interesting gift which is to pray for people whom I love to help them reach to their goals faster. Believe it or not, I found this gift from my childhood, now I wish I can help with more people who need it buy selling my art.
I found if me and the person I pray for appreciate each other from heart, the prayer's power will maximize on the person. So I decided to sell some art to people, the rule just works so well. One of my customer was suffered for her emotion issue, now she is totally find. Another one got her dream job right after she had my art and my prayer. There also a guy successfully date with his dream lady after having my art hanging on his wall. I'm happy for them, I wish I can be more happy for more people who needs help from high above, come let me ask for you, you deserve it.
This is my original pattern I created. Buy the one you like to make yourself have a better life, I'm sure it will brings you lucky. You can have an unique art and the luck you need.

For the lucky part, buying Original art is much more better than the print.

Thank you for viewing and buying. BTW, I will pray for the person who share and buy my arts. There were some buyers experienced their wishes come true after our deal made. If you are unlucky or feel you need more love from the universe, buy anyone of this and I'm sure you will be better. Good luck and I love you all.

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