Jo Morgan Art

Jo Morgan Art

Jo Morgan portrays both the human and other-worldly forms in acrylics, watercolour, pastels and coloured pencil. Her work is included in private collections Australia wide as well as England, Ireland Japan and New Zealand.

Jo Morgan’s representations of the human form and human relations have been influenced by her years in the advertising field. Whilst revering men and women her renditions often gently lampoon society’s perceptions of the ideal. Her female forms are rarely portrayed in a realistic setting, putting them beyond and sometimes above the ordinary. Jo often takes her inspiration from the images used to advertise.
‘We are constantly bombarded with intense images telling stories far beyond the scope of the product they promote. Within these images I find glimpses of emotional intensity not at first obvious and often overlooked within the superficial context of the advertising medium. My ‘Intimate Glimpses’ series in acrylic is intended to highlight these frozen moments of the human condition, in particular the so-called ‘battle of the sexes’.
‘My art is about beauty but has its feet firmly planted in the soil of sceptical humour. Do we all look like this? No. Should we all look like this? Of course not. But there’s no denying we all have a fascination with beauty, we recognise it, and to some degree we all covet it.’

‘I’ve always loved pencils, the feel and smell of them, the satisfaction of a perfectly sharpened point, so indulge myself by working often in colour pencil. It allows a delicacy and control achievable in very few mediums and suits the portrayal of the ethereal wonderfully well. Although I work in other mediums I always come back to this one for a treat. My exploration of the female form has resulted in several series. These include; ‘Botanical Beauties’ featuring flowers and nudes; the ‘Angel’ series, probably the most irreverent series portraying less than perfect angels; ‘Dreams’ series a study of sleep and the magic it performs; the ‘Water’ series; and the ‘Cocktail & Desserts’ series, pure fun.’
I have always loved fantasy and magical creatures and I will always enjoy creating and capturing these elusive realms.

Born in Sydney in 1956 Jo completed the Commercial Art course at Randwick in 1972 and successfully pursued a career in advertising, working in several major art studios and agencies in Sydney. A move to beautiful Tamborine Mountain in 1985 prompted a change in direction into neon and illuminated displays. Her designs light up casinos and nightclubs throughout Queensland. This background in commercial design and years of rendering client’s dreams on paper have provided Jo with a solid grounding in the necessary skills to make the improbable very believable.
As well as running her magical Fairy shop called ‘Flights of Fancy’ in her hometown Tamborine Mountain Jo now concentrates on fine art. Jo works from the home she shares with her husband in a studio overlooking a wonderful garden that provides endless inspiration.
‘Art is something I have always had to do so I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to indulge my compulsion and my passion.’

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Botanical Beauties

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